Thursday, 10 October 2013

London through my eyes

So I've been thinking what to write about my trip to London, if I should post like a photo diary, all my best pictures from the trip or just do a small guide of the places I liked most. I finally decided to write about some of the places I liked most. So here we go!
I lived in the Shoreditch area, I highly recommend you to stay there if you like cosy cafes, vintage shops, art galleries and a young ambiance. I stayed at the Ace hotel which was really nice, just that they had a photobooth in their lobby made me really happy.
During my shopping days on Oxford street I ate at Leon, a natural fast food restaurant. It was delicious, cheap and healthy. So go there if you would like to spare some money for shopping but at the same time not settle for McDonalds.
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Another restaurant I really liked was Byron, their burgers were amazing, service was great and it wasn't that expensive. I know that they have a few restaurants all around London so if you walk past one don't hesitate to enter!
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If I could chose a store to go back to it would definitely be All Saints, they have a very cool store and their clothes are so beautiful. A lot of basic stuff, very "urban" if you know what I mean. Unfortunately everything was out of my price range but there's always a next time.
In Shoreditch there were a lot of nice cafes, so one day we decided to eat breakfast out and we stumbled across this cafe named " Albion". The food was great and the ambience was really cozy, they also had a little shop that belonged to the cafe.

//For shopping I recommend Oxford Street, including Selfridges and Carnaby street were you can find stores like Scotch Soda and Benefit's own store. I also really liked Harrods even though everything was really expensive. One of the things I enjoyed most during my stay was the Spitalfields market, streetfood and vintage shops along with the classic things you can find at markets. Questions? Comment or send me an email. //

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